We live for music and relish opportunities in creating high-quality cinematic music videos with incredible musicians. 

We collaborated with Seattle band, Waking Things to produce a music video for the song "Pretend". We had a great couple of days filming in an old apartment building in Capitol Hill; not only does this band put out great music, they're great people to hang out with. 

The whole production was extremely comforting and professional. We felt like we were totally able to be ourselves; our ideas were heard and were used as contributions. All in all I feel really good about what Klaxon is putting together for us
— Matt Chadwick - Drummer, Waking Things
A solid music video like this, that ambitiously chases down and successfully gets its arms around the swells and the songwriting is a fine calling card for a young band.
— The Crossing Guide Magazine

"Pretend" was screened at SXSW 2016!